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Sports Afternoon is coming on 25th February 2020

Biannual Sports Afternoon for students and staff members of University of Eastern Finlands, Karelia University of Applied Sciences and Savonia University of Applied Sciences will be held on 25th February in Joensuu and Kuopio.

The purpose of the Sports Afternoon is to give our students and staff an opportunity to try new sports for a very affordable price (or for free) and to get everyone moving at least for one afternoon per semester. There will be no teaching after 12.15pm so everyone is able to take part – and we recommend you do!

You don’t need to have a valid SYKETTÄ sticker to participate in Sports Afternoon.

SYKETTÄ sports services have published the campus programmes on 4th February.

Sports Afternoon afterparty in Joensuu

After of having exercised for the whole afternoon, it is good time to go to the legendary Sports Afternoon After Party!

The afterparty will be held in Kimmeli, starting at 10 pm. 

The evening starts with Joensuu championship of BEER PONG. At the night one of the top finnish hip hop artists - GETTOMASA goes live.

Ticket price is 5 € + cloakroom fee. The ones who buy the ticket in advance will receive a special sports afternoon overall badge (limited number). Pre-tickets will be available at ISYY and POKA offices from 17.2.

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More info:

Joensuu: Niklas Leinonen, Service Planner, vapaa-aika(at)isyy.fi, tel. 044 576 8414

Kuopio: Sirpa Risto, Sports Coordinator, liikuntasuunnittelija.kuopio(at)isyy.fi, tel. 044 576 8446