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Hokutoryu ju-jutsu course in Joensuu

21.01.2020 - 21.01.2020 |Joensuu

Do you want to learn self-defence?

Come and try Hokutoryu ju-jutsu on Tuesday 21 January at 8pm. The beginner course is held at Urheilutalo (Koskikatu 12, 2nd floor) on tatami number 1. You'll need comfortable clothes (t-shirt and sweatpants), a waterbottle and a small towel for washing your feet. The first two weeks are free. The course costs 60€ for students and 85€ for others.

Hokutoryu (northern star style) Ju-Jutsu is the most complete, effective and innovative reality-based martial art style. It is based on a traditional Japanese combat system that has been adapted to meet the needs of the modern society. Hokutoryu is practised by ordinary citizens (male and female), police, military and security officers.

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