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International Coffee Break

17.11.2021 - 17.11.2021 |Kaikki

The autumn semester is well underway and we at ISYY wanted to carry on having the International Coffee Breaks with you guys! Now instead of meeting online via Discord, we can do it in real life! The second International Coffee Break of the semester is held on Wednesday 17 November at 6 pm. In Joensuu, the Coffee Break will be at Suvas (Suvantokatu 6) and in Kuopio in SN203 (Snellmania building) on campus.

We’ll start with a couple of short games to get to know each other and then we’ll have a quiz in a more traditional way: with pen and paper! There will also be time for casual chatting and getting to know each other after these too, but we’ll have the games as an ice breaker. ISYY will also provide some snacks for the event and, of course, coffee!

Take a break from your studies, grab a cuppa and join us to get to know new people. All are welcome!