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JoMoni ry: a kick-off for new (and old) volunteers

17.01.2020 - 17.01.2020 |Joensuu

It is time to have a JoMoni volunteer kick-off to the year 2020. Come and find out more about volunteer work at JoMoni! 

During the kick-off, you will find more about JoMoni and what kind of work volunteers do. We will also play games and get to know each other. To participate in this event does not require a commitment to become a volunteer. 

JoMoni ry (Joensuu District Multicultural Association) promotes multicultural diversity and prevents discrimination. The association is open to people of all origins, nationalities, religions and political views.

Place: Rantakatu 23 A, Helmi-kokoustila (basement), entrance from the courtyard. Time: 17 January 17:30 - 19:30.

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