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Development project for international activity in student organisations

This year during the spring 2020 project grant applications, for the first time there is a chance to apply for a project grant to develop international activity in student organisations. The grant is meant for internationalization at home e.g. by getting more international students involved in the student association. The grant is meant for development in the long run over a time period of a year.

For the benefit of the project is seen:

  • The advancement of internationality in the organisation
  • The advancement of internationalization at home
  • The repeatability and replicability to other organizations
  • Sustainability
  • Innovativity and creativity
  • The notice of students in a masters program as well as exchange students
  • Possible interdisciplinary

From the best applications two will be granted 500€ and three 250€. If applications do not meet the standards, ISYY holds the right not to give out all of the grants.

Grants will be awarded to the organisations during 2019 and they can use the money as they see fit to execute their project plan. During October and November of 2020 the organisations awarded the grant will have to report to ISYY, where they evaluate e.g. the success and the achievements of the project. The project plans and reports will be published on ISYY’s webpage where other organisations can use them to develop their own operation.

This project grant application will be open at the same time as the other project grant applications in November. Student associations and organisations under ISYY in Kuopio or Joensuu can apply for the grant.


Ada Hyytiäinen, Board Member, Communication and International Affairs, Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland, tel. +358 44 576 8405, ada.hyytiainen(at)isyy.fi