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ISYY’s Executive Board 2021 appointed working sectors

The new Executive Board of the Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland (ISYY) has appointed working sectors among the Board members in its meeting on 16th of December 2020.

Sectors for the year 2021 are:

Vesa Janhunen (Kuopio): Chairperson

Sami Tanskanen (Joensuu): Vice Chair

Members of the Board: 

Pavel Kipriianov (Joensuu): International Affairs and Communications

Jenni Kortelainen (Kuopio): Academic Affairs and International Affairs

Juuso Myller (Joensuu): Clubs and Organisations

Petra Peltola (Joensuu): Academic Affairs, Environment and Development Cooperation

Pauliina Ryökäs (Kuopio): Affairs of Social Policy and Employment

Eveliina Scharin (Joensuu): Affairs of Social Policy and Culture

Enni Toiviainen (Kuopio): Communications and Business Relations

Jimi Viita-aho (Kuopio): Communications platforms/digitalisation and Recreation

The Board will start their work in the beginning of January 2021 and their contact information will be updated on ISYY’s website in January.