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Announcement: The Students’ Municipal Elections Panel is Organised in Kuopio on 19 May – Students Are Involved in Municipal Policy-Making

The Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland (ISYY), the Student Union of the Savonia University of Applied Sciences (SAVOTTA) and the Student Union of the Humak University of Applied Sciences (HUMAKO) are organising a joint municipal elections panel in Kuopio on 19.5. The panel is organised remotely to ensure the safety of participants and panelists and will be streamed on the ISYY YouTube channel.

Representatives of all political parties, big and small, in the party registry have been invited to join the panel. Questions asked in the panel have been gathered from the members of the three student unions during the spring.

The municipal elections panel offers a chance for students and young people to get to know the various political parties and their candidates. In addition, the political parties and their future council members may show how they take students and issues important to them into account in future municipal decision-making processes.

The panel and discussions will be held in Finnish.

More Information:

Enni Toiviainen, Member of the ISYY Executive Board, enni.toiviainen@isyy.fi, tel. 044 576 8405,