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UEF Informs: University of Eastern Finland Gets Back to Normal Studying and Working by Autumn

The coronavirus situation in Finland has improved significantly, and the vaccination programme is also in good gear. This makes it possible to get back to normal in studies and work over the summer and by next autumn – while of course taking any possible orders given by the authorities into consideration.

Teaching in the autumn semester 2021 is also prepared to be organised without any restrictions on physical attendance, facility capacities or group sizes. Student exchange will also be possible (exchange students and degree students, both incoming and outgoing) while observing the guidelines issued by the university, the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, and the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, as well as the guidelines of the destination countries and host institutions.

People in at-risk groups may return to the campus 21 days after receiving their 1st dose of vaccine, if they have been vaccinated using the Comirnaty or Moderna vaccines, or 14 days after receiving their 2nd dose of vaccine, if they have been vaccinated using the Astra Zeneca vaccine.

Restrictions relating to classes and activities offered by Sykettä University Sports Services have also been lifted so that outdoors classes and activities are again available. Restrictions relating to indoors classes and activities are also sought to be lifted by the autumn. The university’s own gyms will open on 1 June 2021. Further information about classes becoming available will be published on Sykettä University Sports Services’ own channels and on Yammer.

The lifting of restrictions relating to face masks and physical distancing will follow the recommendations given by the regional coronavirus coordination groups and the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare.

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