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ISYY's Calendar Survey: ISYY’s Student Calendar Is Necessary for Students, More Room for Notes Is Needed

The Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland (ISYY) conducted a calendar survey for its members from 8 to 23 April 2021. The aim of the calendar survey was to find out what wishes and ideas our members have regarding the calendar and whether the ISYY calendar meets their needs.

A total of 188 responses were received to the calendar survey. Thank you to everyone who answered the survey!

The answers will be taken into account in the planning of the future ISYY student calendars.

Here are some notes from the survey’s results.

ISYY Student Calendar Is a Necessary Tool In the Life of a Student

87 percent of the respondents think that ISYY should have a student calendar and 59 percent feel that the calendar is necessary or very necessary. Nearly half of the respondents (48 %) gave the calendar an overall grade of 8 or higher and 19 % gave an overall grade of 7 (on a scale of 1–10).

It was apparent from the answers that the ISYY student calendar offers a great information packet about ISYY and the university and it is a concrete service in exchange for the membership fee.

Based on the answers of the survey, the ISYY student calendar includes most of the features that the respondents wish the calendar to have, but more room for notes is needed. Respondents also wish that the calendar included a monthly view, campus maps and information on ISYY and important services for students.

The ISYY Student Calendar Creates Communality and Equality

According to the respondents, the ISYY student calendar is an important tool in the creation of communality and in joining students as a part of the university and study community.

The calendar is also seen to create equality among students because everyone has the opportunity to receive a free calendar where to write down important information about their studies.

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Emma Kemppainen, Communication Intern, The Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland, harjoittelija(at)isyy.fi, tel. 044 576 8429