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Sustainable Development Week: Fairtraide online discussion – How can we ensure no one goes hungry?

08.11.2022 - 08.11.2022 |Kaikki

The Student Union of the University of Finland (ISYY) and The Student Union of the University of Åbo (ÅAS) are organising together with the National Union of the University Students in Finland (SYL) and Fairtrade in Finland an online discussion about how we can make sure that there is enough food for everyone. The discussion will be held on Tuesday 8th November from 2 pm to 3.15 pm. 

Everyone has a basic human right to sufficient, safe and nutritious food every day. Enough food is produced today to feed everyone on the planet, but hunger is on the rise in some parts of the world, and millions of people are considered to be “chronically undernourished”. Additionally, the coronavirus pandemic, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the worsening climate crisis all have a severe impact on food security.

Why do nearly 700 million people not have enough to eat, despite there being more than enough food for everyone in the world? Is it even possible to eat ethically and ecologically – and what can students do? Can mandatory human rights due diligence safeguard workers rights?

These questions will be addressed in a panel discussion with Fairtrade Finland experts. The discussion will be held in English.


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Matti Karhunen, The Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland, Board Member, matti.karhunen(at)isyy.fi, +358 44 576 8410