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Get to know clubs and organisations of Joensuu and Kuopio campuses in the ISYY's Association Days for spring 2021

ISYY's Association Days is an event organized on both campuses. In the event, ISYY's clubs and various organizations present their activities. At the event, students have the opportunity to find things to do to offset their studies.

This spring, the Association Days will be held remotely. ISYY has asked clubs and subject organizations on both campuses, as well as campus organisations and other organisations, to send short presentations about themselves. Follow the links below and find out the material we received from Joensuu's and Kuopio's clubs and organisations (web pages are mainly in Finnish).

Isyy.fi (Joensuu): Tutustu Joensuun toimijoihin kevään 2021 järjestöpäivillä

Isyy.fi (Kuopio): Tutustu Kuopion toimijoihin kevään 2021 järjestöpäivillä

The Association Days are also on Facebook, where there are events for Joensuu's and Kuopio's Association Days! You can participate in Facebook events from the links below.

Facebook: Etäjärjestöpäivät kevät 2021 Kuopio // Remote Association days spring 2021 Kuopio

Facebook: Etäjärjestöpäivät kevät 2021 Joensuu // Remote Association days spring 2021 Joensuu